Paramedic challenging LPN Exam



Does anyone know if it is possible to challenge the LPN Exam if you are a Paramedic? I have my paramedic degree and I have also done the first 3 core classes for nursing before I exited the nursing program when I changed to the paramedic program so I have all of my prerequisites done. I know most people would just do the paramedic to nursing route but I have my own reasons for wanting to challenge the LPN instead. Any help or information would be appreciated. 

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Many, if not most/all states will not issue a license without completion of a nursing program. It would help to know what state you're in as that may help pinpoint the information. The only exception that I'm aware of is CA's ability to challenge exams under certain criteria, but then those licenses can't really be endorsed to other states as it doesn't meet the new state's criteria.