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Parallon Competency Exam

Lesmessrn Lesmessrn (New) New

Has anyone ever taken the Parallon competency exam? Looking to take my first travel assignment in Colorado (yay!), and my recruiter said I need to take this first. Any idea what to expect? My specialty is bone marrow transplant/hematology/oncology. Thanks!!!


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I've done Pharm, EKG, ER tests, all easy.

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I took one last week for ICU competency. They had an EKG identification test, a pharmacological test, and general nursing questions. My recruiter told me they were "open book," so I used the resources that I use at work when I need to look up something. They give you two minutes per question, and I always had time left over. I felt they were pretty easy, I never made less than 90% on them.

I took the ER competencies last week and had no problems. They give you plenty of time.