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Specialties Psychiatric


I have to write a nursing paper in my nursing psych class. I'm drawing blanks as to what I should write about. any ideas?? help please!

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years).


"Nursing paper" is rather vague. Can you give us any criteria your paper has to meet?

In general terms, something which holds a personal interest with you is always a good choice. Or an area which you would like to learn more about. Or pursue.

There are SO many areas of Psychiatric Nursing that correlate with Medical Nursing. Anything from the Treatment of Postpartum Depression to Elevated Glucose Levels with Antipsychotics and the Behavioral Effect of Urinary Tract Infections with the Geriatric population. Psychiatric Nursing can be involved with the entire span of life. So, you can choose just about any age or condition and find an area of Psychiatric Nursting that will correlate to that particular age or condition.

Good luck to you with your paper, student_annie.


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