panic disorder and nursing school?

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I have a BA already, but ive always wanted to become a nurse so I am trying to go back for my RN. Shorty after starting my pre reqs, I had an injury and was suddenly diagnosed with severe panic attacks/panic disorder. It is making me reconsider my career choices and not sure if nursing school is the right path to continue on since I have these small attacks daily. Any suggestions on how to keep stress to a min. while working through tough courses and clinicals.

(also, at the beginning when my panic disorder came about, i ended up withdrawing from a few pre req courses. After taking them again I did well, but will a few W's on my transcripts look bad when applying?)

any advice would be great!

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That's a tough one. I'm almost done with my ASN and I have had two classmates with Severe Anxiety disorder... one of them dropped out, the other is doing her practicum now (she will be done at the end of August).

I think it depends on the person and the area you would like to work at once you get your license. Many nursing jobs are stressful, others not so much... but they are all important. If you want to give it a shot, I'd suggest keeping close contact with your physician to get his/her advice on how to medically manage you anxiety throughout the program... or... speak with an expert on eastern medicine type therapies (whichever fits your beliefs and customs).

It's not unusual to have a period of intense anxiety after an injury or accident. How long ago was the injury? Was it traumatic? Are you getting treatment? I don't think you have to change your plans if you're experiencing a normal stress reaction.

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