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Hello! I am thinking about applying for an open position at my clinic for Palliative Care Nurse Navigator. I don't know a lot about Palliative Care but I do know it is separate from Hospice in my Clinic.  I am wondering if this position includes direct patient care, like catheters and IV medications, etc. or is it less hand's on? Any information would be so appreciated. Thank you.   

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Palliative Care is a wonderful area of nursing with a focus on symptom management to improve quality of life. Palliative care can take place concurrent with treatment for diseases. Hospice is a specific type of palliative care for individuals with terminal diagnosis as they approach end of life where either the patient does not have any further treatment options or they chose not to pursue any further treatment options.

As to the position you are inquiring about, I'm guessing the job description might help you determine if clinical aspects are involved.

Best of luck to you!


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 Thank you so much for your response and information!


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Hi! I just started as a Palliative Care Nurse Navigator! I came from an Oncology Nurse Navigator Role of 3 years so I am transferring some of those things into this role. I am the main person the palliative care dept in a small community hospital (around 80 beds). The position is new and is allowing me to create and mold it as I see and what works best for the staff and patients. I am responsible for seeing the new palliative care consults (discussing GOC, code status, helping patient and families cope through difficult news, support the family at EOL care and helping families and patients get back to home or facility with CMO/hospice care). In an average week I may have anywhere from 4-8 new referrals. After they are discharged I am will make a follow up phone call to see how they are doing at home and if I can help facilitate anything that they need. 

I educate staff on the care for EOL and make recommendation to the MD/APP on medications if symptoms are not relieved or if they are suffering. I cannot write scripts or enter orders, but I can certainly help make recommendations based on experience and what I feel the patient needs. 

Hope you are liking the role and I would love to connect and hear how the role is for you!

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