Painless competency programs?

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We are considering a deviation to the usual competency skills review at our place: a skills fair. Nurses can go from booth to booth, get a quick rundown/reviewal in a rather stress-free, light-hearted, social way. This is just part of the competency program, but I thought it sounded alot less DULL!

How does your hospital get you through the requirements without putting you to sleep?


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We did this 2 years ago. I had help from several staff nurses, educators, R.T's etc. It went very well, with 100% of the staff attending. I would recommend it.


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We just started doing this a year ago, and it works out very well. We have a fair every month, with two or three scheduled to attend. Testing is one on one, with the Clinical Education Specialist and Primary Preceptors doing the testing. The staff has made very positive comments about the new program.

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