wrongly accused dont know what to do

  1. I am new here. I have severe anxiety and chronic pain. I have been seeing same pain specialist for several years. I took a drug test and to make sure I had my pain and anxiety meds in it. When the test came back the provider claimed that there was xanex and ambien in there which I did not take. My doctor did not retest me and said he would talk to provider and let me know. I have been taking overcounter medicine for coughing and valerian root and melatonin and baclofen but wouldn't take anything like that. He could have retested me which I would have wanted but didn't instead said let me know. I honestly didn't do that. I have been waiting for two days for an answer from him and I don't know if I could go to another doctor. I know I didn't do this. I have always been honest and pasted my tests. My doctor is real close to a patient he has that I just broke up with because of his scary possessive abusive behavior. He said if I left him he would make sure I would lose my meds and ruin my reputation. I told the doctor and he said that one of the scripts wasn't in the list of this man's scripts. Even though the doctor goes to his house and can see how he really is. The doctor got mad I could prove their relationship. I am afraid that this is a problem. I don't have that in my system and I am in severe pain again and don't even know what those two things are. Please help I am not a drug user. My pain is so bad it doubles me over and I cant walk when it does this. I have severe nerve damage in one arm and my legs. What can I do? Why didn't he retest me and send it to lab again? I made it clear I made an apt the same day I found out to be retested since they wouldn't let me come in sooner. But he wouldn't test me again. Even though I requested one soon as possible because I didn't do this.
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    You need to seek advice from your provider or another healthcare provider. We cannot assist you as this is against our Terms of Service regarding medical advice.

    We hope you get the help you need and get under better medical control.