looking for info on new procedure placing electrodes for frontal headaches

  1. Hi all.
    I had an occipital nerve stimulator implanted several years ago. At the time i didnt know that my HA's on the front part of my head would not be affected by the stimulation. Sounds pretty dumb I know but I truly hadnt thought of it.
    The stimulation works great on the back of my head...I havent had a HA there since I got it put in.
    But...the worse of my pain is in the frontal part of my head. I have two very sore spots that cause the worst of the pain...one on each temple. I also getting quite a bit of pain on my eyebrows. In addition to this (as if it wasnt enough!) I also have TMJ and have severe pain on the left side of my face.

    So here is my question. About 6 months ago I ran across an article on the 'net about two docs that have implanted electrodes in the frontal area. I think they said at least 50% of the patients are now painfree. I have been trying very hard to get some more info on this, especially trying to find a doc in my area that would consider doing this to me. I have sent emails to the owner of the site the article was on, but he wasnt any help. I also emailed medtronics and they said they were NOT looking into this at all.
    So now im trying to figure out how I can get more info on this. The article was dated in like june of 2003, so I am sure there is more info out there somewhere.

    Was just wondering if any of you have heard of this.
    My gut feeling is that this is the only thing that will work for me longterm besides narcotics. I have done all of the conservative treatments for the TMJ and none worked long enough. My oral surgeon says I really need surgery and hes 80% sure I would get significan relief. But my ins. co. refuses to pay for it. I would also be interested in trying different splints...but again it would come out of my pocket and its gets pretty dang expensive.
    I really dont want to live on narcs the rest of my life. Hell I dont like being on them now. The only LA med that has really helped (ive tried 4) is mscontin. It helps my pain GREATLY. But again I dont see that as a lifetime thing.

    If you have no info on this, could anyone point me in the right direction?
    I emailed medtronics and they say they havent heard of it. I also checked out a website recommended by medtronics. Its http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed. I didnt find anything there also.

    I am REALLY interested in pursuing this. Any info you may have or any ideas on where I can continue to look I would be very grateful.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Having seen some pretty horrific temporal-mandibular joint maformations and seen the brilliant response I would go for the surgery and approach my insurance company with a big bat to get them to underwrite if possible.

    If it is a frontal headache have you thought about sinusitis??? frontal sinuses that are full of gunge is one of the major causes of frontal headache.