Is there something comparable to Toradol that can be given IV for pain? - page 5

Toradol is one of my favorite pain relief meds, if only it didn't harm the kidneys! Is there something comparable to Toradol that can be given IV for pain (usually post-op) either in place of a... Read More

  1. by   curleysue
    Wow, I have learned a lot about phenergan in the last posts. Thanks, However I do have a question. What would happen if someone is given IV phenergan too much? Does it make them have weird symptoms? Tolerance? I mean if they are getting it everyday for about a week or so. Thanks, Curleysue
  2. by   mwbeah
    I agree with Tenesma, TEG is the test to use. If anyone has questions about toradol, Sota Omogui's Anesthesia Drug Handbook has more than enough info (MOA, morphine equivalency, etc)

  3. by   PA-C in Texas
    I think that other countries have some other NSAIDs and salicylates for parenteral admin. in their formularies.

    I like Toradol, and I think it works, but numerous studies have indicated that it is no better than oral ibuprofen for most types of pain.
  4. by   Tenesma
    define "no better"
  5. by   z's playa
    Quote from Tenesma
    define "no better"

    Doesn't work any better than regular Ibuprofen and other anti inflammatories.
  6. by   PA-C in Texas
    Let me rephrase:

    A review of the relevant literature will indicate that oral ibuprofen is equally effective as Toradol injection for relieving most types of pain.
  7. by   Tenesma
    true but you are comparing something that can be given IV vs something that can only be given PO...
  8. by   PA-C in Texas
    I am not sure how that is relevant to efficacy, but I am aware of the practical implications.