I need a phone consultation with a pain specialist

  1. Unfortunaly,i have irritable bowel and i want to try Methadone to eradicate the constant pain.Of course the lower dose possible.The pain doctors have a long waiting list in quebec city area.If it's possible to have a phone consultation to figure out how to manage the treatment it would be great.I know others people with IBS on Methadone and that help them more than anything else. The world of anti-pain medication is so big,i'm lost.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    have you discussed this with your family doctor or nurse parctioner? that's who you need to start with.

    become as knowledgable about this subject by doing internet research, check out books available at local bookstore re treatment of ibs, perusing books at a hospital or medical library near your home, look at crohn's/collitis foundation wesite etc.

    crohn's and colitis foundation of canada

    crohn's and colitis foundation of america

    medication info

    i'd be very warry of any practioner giving you a telephone consultation regarding starting such a serious medication program without a thorough history and medical exam.
    the key to effective pain management program is your pcp and you partnering to improve your quality of life. good luck in finding the best pain mgmt program that works.
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  4. by   ibs pain
    I want to try Methadone at low dose.Two of my friend with irritable bowel are on it and they are ibs-free.Very,very,very rare to reach this kind of result by
    any treatment.Apparently,Methadone cannot be prescribe by all the doctors.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    You need more that just a "talk" with a pain specialist, you need full assessment and follow-up for managment of pain. Just not a one time phone chat.