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Paid Time off benefits


Has 25 years experience.

Back story..I work part time in a LTC facility and have quite a few years experience at the same one. Doesn't really matter since a different company took us over about 2 years ago.

I've been working more hours lately and wanted to check on my time off due to calling out two days. (My fault for never checking on this before) I normally have accrued about 40 hours of vacation per year. Old company...it would be added to the bank with each pay period. I also got sick time that came out two two days per year.

Found out new company only issues time off on your anniversary date. My rate is 0.0769 hours of vacation per one hour worked. Seems a bit on the low side?? I have no sick time but can use the vacation hours for calling out.

So....what do you get as a part timer? Again...this is LTC. Is it vacation/ sick or PTO to be used for what ever?