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paeds and anaesthesia


can one or more of my learned friends out there enlighten me as to setting up an anaesthetic machine for paeds. What weight do use to determine which circut to use. we go by 30kg or less.

I am not sure what the directive are for ODP's but as scrub in charge of the case I will always start from zero and increase appropriately. The surgeon may have his own idea but always start one below at least, you can always increase.

In opthalamic surgery always begin at zero thats my motto and its safer.:D


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Hi Carcha:

In our hospital, use a pediatric circuit for all children under the age of around ten. The difference is the breathing bag. We use the 1 liter for children under 2, and a 2 liter for children up to 9-10, then the 3 liter adult bag.

For intubating, most of our MD's/CRNA's use size appropriate MAC blades, some use Miller.

For endotracheal tube sizes we have a chart that goes by age. We usually pick one size above and below the prescribed size.

Hope I answered your question!

Donna RN, CNOR

Anesthesia Coordinator

thanks donna, great. can u believe we hardly ever and i mean ever use the 3 litre bag. also dont u agree some 10 year olds are as big as a 12 year old, so is weight a more appropriate guide.


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I absolutely think that it is size/weight related. I was just giving you an average based on most of the kids we do. We tend to grow them big here in the Midwest :) Actually, I may have been mistaken when I said we use 3 liter bags on the bigger kids. There are only one or two anesthesiologist who do that. They are 'old school' :)

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