Paedatric Pfizer and Adolescent/Adult Pfizer



I tried to compare the ingredients on both pfizer vaccines. Noted Paedatrix pfizer has Trometamol and trometamol hydrochloride which the adolescent and adult formulation pfizer do not have.

Are they all the same ingredients for both vaccines but just different formulations?

Thank you.

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Hmmm, I have a feeling that I should just have ignored this post since it is about the latest piece of vaccine disinformation making the rounds on the internet. And OP, while this might not be entirely fair, I’m always a bit suspicious when a new poster or someone who hasn’t posted in many years suddenly asks about something that happens to part of a larger campaign to make people have doubts about the Covid vaccines.

Sooo.. I assume that you are administering both adult and pediatric Covid vaccines at your place of work? Because I’m assuming that you didn’t just randomly start comparing various product ingredients? Did you try to ask whomever is in charge of your workplace if they knew the answer? Or contact your pharmacist? Or do a Google search? 

Trometamol is a buffer. In this case it appears to be used so that the vaccine can be stored longer in refrigerator temperature. It’s been used before in vaccines. I’m also pretty sure that it’s already used in one of the other Covid vaccines. It’s nothing new. It’s not nefarious. I wouldn’t waste a second worrying about it. And I don’t know this, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they change the adult formulation in the future to include the buffer.

In dosages thousands times higher we use it to treat acidosis. But seeing as the entire pediatric dose is 0.2 mL you can easily understand that the amount trometamol in one dose is rather microscopic soooo prooobably not going to affect systemic pH…

Hope this helps.