What is it like being a Pre-op nurse?

  1. Hi, I'm a new nurese thinking of going to the hospital to do pre-op nursing. Is there anyone out there that can tell me a little about what it's like and what they do day-to-day there?
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  3. by   workingharder
    I did Pre-op for a while and it's not bad. Typically I would arrive about 05:45, get my bays prepped, check if I had enough supplies (I always got my supplies ready at the end of shift the day before but, if there were emergency surgeries the previous night we could come up short). At about 06:00 we started admitting patients. Vitals were taken, H&P were accounted for, consents were verified or obtained, the patient was given OR dress and instructions, NPO status was verified as well as any medications being taken. We'd check their chart for blood-work, ECG, or any new orders. Almost everyone gets an IV tapped and LR or saline KVO and the orthopedist always insisted on a piggy back antibiotic. After the surgeon and anesthesia talks with the patient we would turn on the TV, apply TEDS when needed and make sure they were comfortable. Then it was on to the next patient.
    Really, it's a lot different from working the floor. There are actually times when you can sit down and relax, chart, and eat but, for about six to seven hours you can really be running.
  4. by   Lael
    Wow, that sounds like an easy-going job. What are you hours like? Are they 8, 10 or 12? Do you have on-call or weekends ever?
  5. by   workingharder
    We typically worked 06:00-14:30 M-F although, many days went 9-11 hrs. Yes, there was on call but, where I worked you needed to be able to handle PACU as well to be put on call.
  6. by   Lael
    Hrm, 9-11 hrs still doesn't sound bad if your getting off between 3-5 at the latest. Here is copy/paste of the job I am considering.
    Registered Nurse (RN) Pre-Op Education
    99429 US-AK-Fairbanks
    3/12/2012 Day
    Registered Nurses/Externs - Positions Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
    PACU/OPS Full-Time-FA
    Varied 40
    Position Available:
    Monday - Friday
    Full Time
    Variable Hours and Days

    No Call
    No Weekends
    No Holidays
    PREP nurses provide detailed patient teaching with emphasis on preparing for surgery, immediate post operative expectations and care, as well as planning recuperation at home.

    Surgery procedures include all procedures with the exception of hearts and neuro and service six operating rooms and averages 25 cases per day.

    Staff are highly competent and include many certified RNs providing the safest nursing care while utilizing the latest technology
  7. by   firemantoddswife
    That looks like a GREAT job. Wondering if it may be a Pre-Assessment Testing versus Pre-Op Job.