policies re: visitation in PACU

  1. Am doing a survey of hospitals in the US regarding their visitation policies in the PACU. Please include location and size of your hospital, average number of cases per day in your OR, size of the PACU and the actual policies regarding visitation in the PACU. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Charity
    We have a 14 bed PACU, and average 50-60 cases a day. Our policy is no visitors except one parent for children 14 and under. Exceptions are made for older patients who OBVIOUSLY need someone. (I am thinking of CP patients, the anxious head injury patient who only responds to Mamma, etc.) If a patient is going to be with us a long time waiting for a room, we let family check in to see them for a very short visit. Some little leeway is given at night when there may be only one patient in the unit. For ICU overflow, we follow routine ICU visiting hours. (which includes one parent at bedside for PICU patients 17 and under at all times).

  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    West Point, NY(military treatment facility-aka: military hospital).....3 bed PACU, average number of cases 3-5 per day, Monday thru Friday. Our visiting policies are much different from anywhere else as visitation in PACU is at the discresion of the nurse. Usually it is only 2 visitors, as a general rule of thumb...and this is because most all our cases are done under spinal anesthesia and done laprascopically rather than major, open surgical procedures. I have seen as many as 4 at one time but that is a rare exception. I hope that this helps you.

  5. by   PACU_Lily
    Hiya. Our pacu only allows people such as security people [for pts who are under guard]. Very occasionally we will allow a caregiver if the patient is extremely distressed or who can be abusive. At present time parents of children are not allowed in because of the issue of pt privacy. [other patients]. Mind you kids who have only had gaseous inductions, and no muscle relaxants, are usually sent back to the ward after only a few minutes providing they are stable and dependant on the operation performed.
    Having worked in units that have allowed family in, I have found myself having to pick them up off the floor if their loved one, or even one of the other patients, starts vomiting, or if they see blood. Plus space is an issue as well, esp if an emergency situation arises.....eg resp arrest etc.