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  1. I graduate in May with my RN. I am currently working on a med/surg floor and have almost a years experience in ER, both as assistants/tech. I have recently found that there is an opening in PACU and have talked to the nurse manager about it. She is interested in my training for the RN position once I graduate and feels that this would help me hit the floor at least at a slow jog.

    I would like to know, those of you that have worked in PACU, what your duties were, how you liked/disliked your job, and anything else that you might think would help me make a good decision.

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  3. by   VicChic
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Thank you for asking Essarge. I too am really interested in this area. Come on you guys. Spill it!
  4. by   angelaADSN
    I have worked surgery/holding/ PACU for a little over 2 years now. I take call for PACU only. I love PACU! At our hospital it is patient care 1:1 for kids and critical patients. Every once in a while we can have up to 3 to take care of in an hour. It is never that way on call though. I usually take care of one at a time and occasionally 2. The great thing about PACU is you get a variety of patients with different problems and usually have them for an hour or a little over an hour and you send them to their room. Spinal patients I send them up when they start wiggling their legs. You learn alot about pain management. Hypertension is a problem here where I live so when they finally get to recovery their blood pressure is back up and we treat that with the 2 main drugs we use in recovery labatelol and apresoline. The only thing I dislike is the call. Don't get me wrong, I make alot of money with the call, I just don't like not knowing when I will be getting called. I have 3 kids and its hard having to take care of them and call. I do make more money then the rest of the nurses in the hospital, mainly because of the call. Good luck to you with your decision!

    Angela, RN
  5. by   VicChic
    How is your call rotated?

    If you dont get certain scheduled days to be called in, you mean anytime you are off, you could be called in?
  6. by   angelaADSN
    I work mon-fri. 6:30am to 3pm regular scheduled days. I take call 1 to 2 times a week and 1 weekend a month. Our call is split between 4 people. When someone is off on vacation we have a extra day of call. or early weekend of call. The days I am on call, I just have to stay in town. I carry a pager and a cell phone. I get paid 2.00/hr for call after 3pm to 6:30a.m. Time and a half if I get called out plus 10.00 per each case I do. Other than that I am free to do what I want after hours if I am not on call.
  7. by   nellie_nurse812
    I love it too and have been in this field for 10 years. One good thing to is that you can become certified..........nellie :roll

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