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  1. myth or reality? Is their a unique camaraderie with PACU nurses? and if so why? compared to other speciality units in nursing.
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  3. by   petiteflower
    I think there is always a camaraderie with nurses in your specialty. As a unit you are in tune to the unique challenges of each specialty. As an ER nurse, I can talk to other nurses about things, but sometimes only another ER nurse truly understands. Also, I believe that certain personality types are attracted to certain areas--at least, that is what I have found---most other ER nurses are more like me than for instance most OB nurses I have met.

    I think that there is a certain camaraderie within nursing in general---but the ties seem to be a little closer with those in your unit.

    I don't know if it answered any of your questions really---just my $0.02
  4. by   dana d
    Yes and no. The turn over rate is lower in PACU areas compared to other units such as the ER ( I am also an ED RN ). PACU nurses stay longer in their areas as well as where they practice.
    We just lost a total of 4 RN's in the last 2 months. But thats not unusual. Its like a revolving door sometimes and its not just the hospital. It's other units and other Hospitals as well. Would you agree?
  5. by   petiteflower
    Yes, I have seen that, in our little hospital---the PACU nurses have been there forever--it could be alot of things---they don't have to deal with families, their patients are "under the influence" and it is a very controlled environment. Things on other units may be more chaotic, huge fluxuations (sp) in the type of patients and number of patients, and hysterical families.

    I'm not saying there is not stress, because there is everywhere---but those are the things that a lot of nurses complain about (families and chaos) I am not as well written as alot of people who post here---am I making any sense????
  6. by   dana d
    Yes! I never thought of those nurses as not having to deal with families, but your right. That is one of the hardest things I have to deal with in the E.D. and our manager does not give us alot of support in that area. The customer is always right scenario. It can be frustrating. Thank you for your insight.