on call in pacu

  1. how many hours are you on call in a one period? and is any of that time going toward your 80 hr scheduled time?
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    It probably Depends on your hospital. My mom is Charge nurse in the Holding area and she moves holding to PACU and works there if needed. In her PACU call is rotated between the 4 PACU nurses. It's not mandatory for you to take it this week but everybody takes their share. They only work forty hours a week. They get paid for carrying the beeper but not sure how much. Also, when they get called in they are paid in four hour increments no matter how long they've been there, example:

    30 minutes, get paid for 4hours
    5hrs. get paid for 8
    an so on

  4. by   meandragonbrett
    PACU takes call only on the weekends at her hospital and they circulator will recover during the week. They are on from 12AM Saturday morning to 4AM(when my mom comes in) Monday morning
  5. by   not you again
    We do call from 7A-7P on Sat. and Sun. only. There is a nurse on from 7P-7A 7days a week to do recoveries in the ICU/CCU. We are scheduled for EITHER Sat. or Sun. call about every 5 weeks. We do not do both days. There are about 16 or so of us staff nurses and we just go down the line and take a day of call. So it comes out to about every 5th weekend that we have to do 12 hours. We also have to do one holiday/year and we draw them out of a hat. If you draw the same holiday that you had last year, you have the opportunity to put it back and draw again, if you wish.
    These hours that we are on call are not included in your regular hours worked that week, so you still have to work your regular schedule.
    There are always nurses who want to give up their call, and there are nurses who like to pick up extra call for the $$ (we get time and 1/2 when we are called in).
  6. by   a1suzique
    we take call 5-6 times a month, full time, this could include your every 5-6 week call weekend-48 hrs @6.00/h , time and a half if called in . During the week call is from 7p-7a, it's a pretty easy schedule. My PACU does self scheduling for our weekends a year ahead of time and then we switch around with each other as necessary. Every full time person works 3 12's and tries to schedule call before a day off, if not, we have the option to come in late or be off if we're there the night before really late or all night.