New Grad on PACU Floor! Much help needed

  1. The chances of me working in a PACU/post surgical unit in May, may become a reality in a few short months. I have been researching on google and reading articles whether new grads should work in this unit. I love to learn new things and I am determined. Though, I do not know what to expect when it comes to PACU! I have job shadowed on the floor and I absolutely loved it. I have no hospital experience and I would really love to hear feedback on from any PACU nurses! Please give me insight! Or in general tips on becoming a new nurse!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    You might want to check out these threads:
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    If you scroll to the bottom of the page when you're in the PACU forum, you'll find a search bar that will allow you to search just within the PACU forum.
  4. by   Joy4RN
    Okay thank you! I really like the second forum. Any information on PACU nursing and becoming a new grad nurse is beneficial to me. If anyone knows of any good books to prepare myself for my first year of nursing or for PACU, please let me know. 😀