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  1. Hi,
    Who has taken the CPAN exam recently? How was the computerized version? Was it hard? What books did you use to study?
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  3. by   GHGoonette
    The course we do in South Africa is a certification in Anaesthetic and Recovery Room Practice, which involves both clinical and theoretical components. I would love to know what courses and exams are used in other parts of the world, so if you do the exam, please let me know what it entails
  4. by   azhiker96
    I borrowed the core curriculum but it was pretty dry reading. I found the Certification Review for Perianesthesia Nursing was very helpful for me. It has a number of test questions that are similar to what you'll see on the test. You can find it on Amazon.

    I liked the computer test. You can go back to earlier questions and you can also mark questions for review later. Nothing is final until you click that you are happy and finalize your test. A bonus, they give you a preliminary score before you leave the testing center.
  5. by   PACURN1818
    Good info, I am hoping to take it later this year!
  6. by   parrothead70
    I'm taking CPAN in April and nervous as heck. I work in a small hospital, no neuro or cardiac so very weak in those areas. I'm really focusing on the certification review book hoping that the questions will be similar in nature and rationales. Any other advice?

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