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Pace CDP - Jan 2011 start

So, who out there is starting the Pace program in Jan? I just finished my last prerequisite, microbiology, and I am so excited to start the nursing program.

I was wondering if any one got the books or uniforms yet? Do you know if we wear the uniforms to class or just to the clinicals?


You just wear your scrubs to lab and clinical. They go over all of it with you during orientation. If you go on to Pace's book store website, you can get all the ISBNs for the books you need. Get them online because it will save you a lot of money (I paid over $1000 for books last spring at the bookstore). If you have any other questions let me know! And good luck!

Hi, Mary. I'm starting the Pace CDP (Pleasantville) program this month.

I'm excited about it. I took my prereq's at Pace and I love the school.

The campus is very pretty. Watch out for deer, wild turkeys and escaped goats. If you are a bird watcher (as I am) you will see lots of different species of birds.

People think I'm Luna Lovegood, because I'm always looking at the sky, muttering to myself.

Can't wait for the sorting hat! (Sorry, serious Harry Potter fan here.)

See ya!

Duplicate post. Sorry.

GTD - thanks for the info.

Ayala - looking forward to meeting you. I can't believe that orientation is just a couple of days away!!

Hi everyone!

I just applied to the Pace CDP program in NYC. My application is complete but havent taken the GRE yet. I am soooooo nervous about it...

How much do they look at GRE scores? People that were accepted to the program, would you mind sharing your GRE scores??