PA Millennium Nurses March: May 5, 2001

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PA Millennium Nurses March

Sponsored by:

Delaware County Nurses Assoc.& Philadelphia District 1 PSNA

Join Us Saturday

May 5th, 2001 10AM

in Philadelphia, PA

City Hall to the Liberty Bell

As Nurses, healthcare workers and citizens

from across Pennsylvania rally:

A. To facilitate public awareness of the value of direct nursing care and our concerns regarding healthcare delivery today.

B. To encourage and support the education and recruitment of new nurses into the profession: 50% of current RN's will retire in the next 10 to 15 year = 1.3 million nurses.

C. To increase visibility and accurate representation of nursing in the media.

Further info regarding the March or Membership: 610-353-1495

Internet address:

E-mail: [email protected]

We will march from City Hall east on Market Street, right on Third St. to Chestnut St., the Liberty Bell area (1 1/2 miles) in the AM. We will have speakers discussing the Nursing Crisis and our Solutions, followed by workshops in afternoon at local colleges for more concrete offerings (if interest is shown) and tours of the Nursing Museums at PA Hospital (Nation's first hospital) and Univ. of Pennsylvania (working on Saturday opening.)

Speakers invited include national leaders, State Senators and Representatives, union representative and staff nurses. After speakers list is confirmed, will post .

This is OUR way of getting the message out about the concerns so many have eloquently posted on this BB. Retention and Mandatory overtime and concerns of bedside nurses will be addressed.

Anyone willing to help, please contact me.

I hope as many persons in the tristate area will join me to get our message out. Thanks, and hope to meet you in Philly!

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