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PA lpn to bsn indiana state university


I was just finished phase 1 for the lpn to bsn program and can now start phase 2. any pa students currently in the program or starting or graduated? I am worried about the clinical portion and finding a local hospital to do them at?


I live in Delaware, but work in Baltimore. I am seriously thinking about ISU LPN to BSN. I am an older adult with a BA degree that always wanted to be a nurse or teacher. Divorced years ago with 3 children, I had to find employment that would support us. My Big auto supervisor job lasted 12.5 years, could not retire from it unless I move to Detroit and that was not happen. Still have a mortgage with other financial obligations. Baltimore employment hopefully will lead me to other opportunities. Not getting any younger, will have to move fast!!! LOL. Wanted, study partners in the area starting ISU (Delaware or Maryland). Thanks


Specializes in Pediatrics, chemical dependency & MH. Has 20+ years experience.

That is the challenge of the entire program. . .I have completed three clinicals so far, and I'm looking for my N424 placement. . .I may end up in Pittsburg for that. I live in the Poconos and anticipate flying and staying over for a couple days a week for eight weeks during the course.

There are approved clinical sites already set up, but very, very few.

Good luck!