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PA Licensure by Endorsement Application

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Hi everybody! I am an newly licensed RN in Maryland. I am seeking for a license here in Pennsylvania by Endorsement and sent my online application for my RN license and a TPP a couple days ago. I spoke to one of the agents from the PA BON last Friday (10/5/18) after being on hold for more than an hour (I know it was ridiculous.) and was not able to ask them some of my concerns. Not really looking forward to call them again.

Quick history of my journey is that I graduated with my BSN in the Philippines last 2016. I wasn't able to take the national board exam in my country due to immigration reasons. My family and I had to leave before the scheduled date for the board exam in my country. We moved here in PA and were interested to pursue my nursing career here. I emailed the PA BON and fortunately, they got back to me ASAP. They said that the ONLY way for me to obtain an RN license here in PA is either I apply to another state & transfer it to Pennsylvania OR go back to the Philippines and take the national boards. I made my decision and went for applying a license in MARYLAND. They gave me an application packet for Foreign-Educated Nursing Graduates and I followed every step. Since I am a foreign graduate they asked me to undergo CGFNS - Credentials Evaluation and evaluate my credits from my school if they meet the USA standards. It took me approx. 6 months-1 year to complete everything and was eligible to take the NCLEX. I took the NCLEX last August 29, 2018 and thankfully, PASSED.


Now that I passed my boards, I am now eligible to acquire a license here in PA. I checked on my online application and noticed that I only got 4 out of 9 things that were completed. They are asking for a Background Check, Educational Transcripts and a Letter of Good Stand Standing (License Verification). I did the online part for the Background Check and paid the fee of $17 for idk what really. I just did it because it asked me to. There was a part where you can print the Fingerprinting form through their website if you opt out on waiting for them to send you one. So I did that and I honestly didn't do it yet. I checked my application again today and for some weird reason it said "Completed". What does that mean? Do I still have to do it? I'm very confused.

Secondly, they are asking for my Educational Transcripts. Should I contact my school to send my transcripts to the PA Board of Nursing OR should I log back in to CGFNS to send an evaluation of my credits.

Lastly, about the License Verification. Maryland BON participates on Nursys so I paid $30 for them to verify my license on 10/04/18 and up until now it said "Not Completed" on my online application checklist. Should I call Nursys OR the PA BON about it?

***Additional question, how long does the BON issue your TPP?



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I learned from a classmate of mine who's already an RN here in PA that every state really requires you to purchase the CES Report from the CGFNS if you are a Foreign Graduate Nurse

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