PA: Latex Allergy Council Set to Hold First Meeting

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Latex allergy affects about one in 10 of all Registered Nurses as well as many other health care professionals, and can result in serious health problems. Symptoms and severity range from dermatitis to asthma and anaphylaxis (increased allergic susceptibility due to previous exposure). There is no treatment for latex allergy except complete avoidance of natural rubber latex. PSNA has created a Latex Allergy Council to address the public health issue of latex allergy as a patient and employee safety initiative. Goals of the council include: providing education and advocacy efforts that promote education, awareness and prevention of latex allergy; addressing the prevalence of latex allergy among professional nurses in the Commonwealth; and fostering opportunities for research, inquiry and collaboration for regarding the issue of latex allergy. The council is open to members and non members of PSNA and will hold their first meeting on October 25 at the Chester County Hospital. Anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to attend. More information...

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