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oxygen theraphy

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hi there i am a second year student nurse and for some strange reason we will not be covering oxygen therapy in my diploma.

i have been studying it myself and have now confused myself

i can to the conclusion that 1 litre was 24 % 2 was 28% etc add 4 to each percent

but i then got confused as the more i read about it the more it confused Ie was looking at different web sites and theses varied and it through me ???

can any one explain to me how much oxygen is delivered per percentage ????

how much oxygen comes from the tap is it 100%

is the litre the flow / the force it is pushed out at ???

i know it sounds stupid but i would really appreciate your guidance and experience thank you:nurse::nurse::nurse::nurse:

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What percentage of O2 is delivered not only depends on the liter flow, but also on the delivery method such as N/C, mask (different types of), cuff, etc. Also, humidification, in long term therapy, can have an impact. Remember, only a ventury mask guarantees a precise percentage. That's why most orders for O2 state liter flow and delivery method, or expected outcome as in lab values. I suggest google oxygen delivery methods.

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