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Overwhelmed at this point

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Hello, I just came apon this site while searching for answers to some class questions. I am a 54 year old male looking to change careers and have been doing my pre-reqs for the nursing program. I am in my 4th quarter and still going. This site looks to be a little overwhelming at first but it also looks like a very good resource to discover many of the unknowns that I face. One of the classes I am now taking is the HIV/BBP class for which I cannot find all the information I am looking for. One question I have in particular is regardeing the OSHA requirements. I find researching at OSHA to be very confusing. I am trying to find out if once an employee is trained in the use of PPE, according to OSHA requirements of employers, is that person required to use it? Common sense would say that they are but I guess I am being somewhat anal in that I want to see it in writing. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I began my re-education with becoming a RN in mind but time/cost/lack of employment and life are moving me in the direction of LPN because of its shorter initial requirement. I still have RN in mind via the bridge program but first things first. My motivation has been unemployment. For thirty years I worked in the high tech field. I designed printed circuit boards. The demand for this is now quit low so I am looking for something that has a need locally that will not be exported to India etc., and also that is doing something positive for people.

This site looks like I could spend a lot of time browsing and trying to discover one of those specialty areas that I do not now know about to become involoved in. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the time.


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moving thread to the infectious disease nursing forum for better member feedback/discussion on osha.

this site looks like i could spend a lot of time browsing and trying to discover one of those specialty areas that i do not now know about to become involoved in. any thoughts?

i think the post below can answer some of this.


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Use your PPE...It is for your protection. I'm sure you will get the feedback you need. Good luck in your new career!

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