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Overseas trained RN, seeking Canada

kiwigal kiwigal (New) New

Hey all,

Just after a bit of advice as to the in's and out's of Canadian Nursing. I'm origianlly New Zealand trained worked there for a couple of years before moving to australia, where i've nursed here for almost a year, spent this year in cardiology, don't really want to call it my speciality but it probably is.

I'm looking at moving to Canada later this year and would love to nurse there, what i've figured out so far, is that i have to gain registeration with a state, then apply for a job, and once i get a letter of offer i can apply for a temporary work permit and then i have some time to sit the canadian exam, which in itself doesn't scare me, from reading the forums figure it's alot like the new zealand one.

So I guess what i don't really know, is expectations, where to go, and where to think about applying and perhaps someone knows an agency that recruits overseas nurses to canada, which could be helpful at the moment

thanking you all for your time and help

I don't know any agencies, but I will add my two cents about the best place to live in Canada: BC! It's my home province and I think it's the nicest:) Definitely has the best weather. Welcome to the board:)

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