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I am a mental health diploma student studying at Salford university in England and would like to arrange my elective placement over in Australia. I dont have much of an idea of what services r available out there or how to access the necessary resources to make it all happen. I would appreciate any feedback from people who may b able to help in any way


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I am also a mental health nursing student in york and i lived in melbourne for a year 3 years ago. Its brilliant! Try this link, they might be able to help. http://www.ramsayhealth.com.au/rhc/hospitals/hospital_detail.asp?HospitalID=5 - they are connected with the university of melbourne.

Any other questions about melbourne, just email me.:)

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I have moved this thread over into the Aussie forum as there is more chance that you will find someone to answer your question here.

The times I have dealt with overseas students they came through one of our universities - Capricornia AKA Central Queeensland university used to do this quire often.

Here is a list of universities


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