Outside of Detroit Area Hospitals


I am looking to move into the Detroit area, specifically Warren/Troy area. I have been trying to research what are the preferred hospitals to work for in the area. I have looked into Beaumont in Royal Oak (which was preferred by a co-workers friend), there is also St. John Providence Macomb, Henry Ford in Troy & Royal Oak, Children's Hospital in Troy.

I have two years of experience working on a general surgical floor. I have my BSN. I have several certifications (ACLS, telemetry, and wound treatment associate). I am open to looking into healthcare facilities or surgical facilities outside of the ones listed but I am not really looking into the Detroit-metro area. I am hoping for some feedback on how these hospitals treat their nurses, how their pay and raises are, how patient-nurse ratios are, and how HR's work at these facilities (my facility goes based on nurses in OT, then requests, rotation, then resource pool). I plan on meeting with some nurse recruiters from some of the facilities but I would also like an outsiders opinion if possible.

Thanks in advance!


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I can't say anything about hiring, but both Beaumont and Henry Ford are big networks around here. The children's hospital in troy is part of the DMC, so not only is it brand spanking new (It only opened this year, can't miss it, building looks like legos) it's part of another big network in the area. I've heard rumors (so don't quote me) that there are staff (not just nurses) who get all the hours they want by working multiple locations in these networks.


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I'm looking at relocating to the area, too, but as a new grad. Mostly looking at Henry Ford and Beaumont right now. Will have to check out St. John's. Have you found any other hospitals in your search? If you moved already, how do you like the area? Best of luck with everything! :)