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outpatient vs inpatient


hello all!! haven't been on here in forever! Hope everyone is doing great!

I've been on a med-surg floor (oncology/hospice/med-surg) for almost a year. It's my first nursing job and its 45 minutes from home which I am not a fan of lately. It's a small community hospital and I'm on days, 3 12's. Working online for my BSN, and will have it by next April. yay! I've gotten to the point where I'm not the biggest fan of management (we just merged..got bought out by a central IL hospital and I'm not a fan of it). I found myself agreeing to a video interview for a magnet hospital I've wanted to get into and it's ranked a pretty good hosp. It's closer, and I would like to be a part of that hospital. The job is for one of it's outpatient ortho clinics about 25 min away. I've only known inpatient, and though I'd love the chance to snag this job (if they offer), I wonder if I'd be either: making a mistake, adding more depth to my resume, growing as a new nurse by learning some new challenging specialties, or if I'm just being a baby about the hospital I'm currently at LOL. I transitioned to nursing from being in the mortgage industry for the last 18 years. So I get the office setting...and integrating nursing into that setting as an outpatient nurse may seem amazing. Or I may be bored (?) any opinions, or info out there is much appreciated!!

Sour Lemon

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People always ask these types of questions with no indication of what their long term goals might be. You've got to decide where you're going before you can decide which road to take, right? 🙃😉

Right 🙂 I have it more narrowed than when I was in school thank God LOL

I'd like to work with surgical pts, either post, surgical nurse, etc...