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For class we have an assignment to post on a nursing discussion board and get nurses opinions regarding outcomes management. Our book defines outcomes management as "a multidisciplinary process designed to provide quality health care, decrease fragmentation, enhance outcomes, and constrain costs. The core idea of outcomes management is the use of care process activities to improve outcomes" (Huber, 2010, p.323). Here are a few questions we have:

1) What do you do as a licensed nurse to stay current on best practices and new nursing research in order to improve your patient's outcomes?

2) What outcome management interventions have you used in practice? Which ones have had the best client outcomes? Which have you seen that did not have good outcomes?

3)Which interdisciplinary teams do you find yourselves working the most with and how do you facilitate good communication between these different areas?

Thank you for taking the time to respond, we really appreciate it!


Huber, D. (2010). Leadership and nursing care management. Maryland Heights, Mo: Saunders.


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Hi! There are at least 6 other posts about the same topic that several members of all nurses have responded to. I would recommend that you use the search feature to look up outcome management to see the feedback from others.

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I am befuddled they don't say real life. How can you trust a forum board to be all nurses?