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Hello everyone,

I just found out a few hours ago I passed the NCLEX (2nd attempt)! It's been two years since I graduated with a BSN. I had personal issues that caused me to put off the exam and get my license. Now, here I am! I'm not sure where to start on finding a job, do I apply for graduate nurse positions even though I'm two years out? Will they still give me the training I need? Do my preceptor and clinical hours count towards experience? I feel nervous but really would appreciate tips and suggestions on how to finally get started as an RN. Thank you!

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I don't think your preceptorship and clinical hours would count as "experience" outside of nursing school. My gut reaction is that you would begin working as a new graduate.

Congratulations on overcoming your obstacles and continuing to pursue a nursing career! I speak without the wisdom of experience because I'm a new grad myself, but I would think that you would have to apply as a new grad. You certainly don't want to mislead an employer into thinking that you have two years of experience, then be placed into a position without proper training/orientation because they assume that you are experienced. If that were to occur it might set you up for failure/firing. Just my opinion.

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