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Hello-- I just sent my application paperwork off to the AK board to get my license. I am so excited about the possibility of moving!

I have 1.5 years of nursing experience, and have some questions for anyone who may know...How difficult is it to get work in AK being out of state? It seems like everywhere I look online, there are opportunities for travel nursing. But, I don't necessarily want to travel, but would like to settle down and sink in some roots. What is the advantage of hiring a traveler as opposed to someone wanting to settle down in AK? What's it like for someone out of state trying to get on in an Anchorage or Fairbanks hospital?

I had a professional resume drawn up, complete with cover letter, and will start submitting these and calling HR offices as soon as I get my AK license.

Any advice on how to better my chances? Thanks in advance!

Hi Angelstrings,

Hope you have a better response to your question than I did. I'm also wondering what the job scene is like for nurses in AK. I moved from Fairbanks a year and a half ago to attend nursing school and graduate in a couple weeks. I want to get back to Alaska, but see very few jobs for new grads—and I'm willing to move just about anywhere in the state.

At least you have some experience, so that should give you an advantage in your job search. Have you looked into the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium?

Good luck with your search!