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Anyone here have experince with a broken baby toe. I fell down my steps(Of course at home!) 2 months ago and spent 6 weeks working in the hospital with a "shoe boot" while it healed. Well it has been great, pain free for 2 weeks and now all of a sudden the toe is swollen and hurts like heck! Whats the deal? I didn't fall or smash it again. Any advice. Its hard to spend 12 hrs on a sore toe (boo hoo I know)


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eeek I know the kind of pain you are feeling. I broke my baby toe, and carried on like normal without seeing a doctor. it was swollen as heck, hurt, but I was too lazy to get it looked at. I'll never do that again, but the pain went away in a couple weeks.

don't do what i did. GO GET IT LOOKED AT again lol

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Gee, howd you know I didn't go see a doc? You're right though! What, I'm gonna pay some doc to say "sorry, you broke your toe, but tape them and wait it out (and pay the receptionist at the door thank you). The health RN practitioner at work said it could take 6 weeks. 8 weeks later here I am.

Maybe I just need to wait it out and go to the podiatrist if it hurts in a week or 2.



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ooo000ooo! Have I ever got an experience with this one!

Was in the martial arts for 18 years and broke the lil' toe on my left foot once - I had the exact same thoughts - What, I'm gonna pay some doc to say "sorry, you broke your toe, but tape them and wait it out"

Only thing is, it didn't heal correctly - A knot formed on the outside of the toe at the joint and it became so painful to wear shoes that I finally gladly went in and paid for a doctor's visit to see what relief I could get

The solution? I ended up having to have surgery - They had to go in and remove the joint and just let the bone fuse to bone!!!!

Not going o to the doctor originally ended up costing me a LOT more money and time and pain!

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I'm lumbering around in one of those walking cast things too, thanks to a flareup of an old ankle injury that has now become complicated by a bone spur that's caused a tear in the tendon. What I hate is having to answer the same question 5000 times ("What did you do to your leg?") and being off-balance all the time so that my back hurts as much as my ankle. I have to wear it at all times, except in bed, for a month, then if it's still painful I'll probably have to have surgery. (Like I can afford to be off work for 6-8 weeks.....) I guess it's just another one of the many ways nature has chosen to remind me that I'm not 25 anymore!

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Oh great Bedpan. My luck runs similar to yours. Eek.

Nothing I hate more than paying a doc, than paying a surgeon! I work with them on a daily basis, poor starving guys that they are.

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