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OU SON packet

Hi all! I just recieved my OU info pack today. It is not clear on how they accept students. Does anyone know how many students apply? I know they accept 75 twice a year, but how many students are applying and are they making acceptance decisions based on GPA alone? Or are you guaranteed to be accepted with the credentials listed (2.0, pre rqs, etc.) I am so so so stressed out about getting into to a school. Currently I am at oakland community and this fall will be my last semester before applying to their ADN program, but WHAT IF I DONT GET IN?!?! Then what? I am trying to devise a "plan B" and am not sure what to do. HELP! Is anyone else in the same situation? or am I alone?


My advice to you would be to go to a BSN information session at OU. There, they clearly spell out their admissions process for you. Just go to the OU's SON website and find out when their next session is. Good luck!

They go by GPA. If you don't make it in on your first try, you'll automatically be put in the next pool of candidates. I can't remember how many they select, but it's around 40. They do outright reject some candidates, but not many. You should go to an information meeting. It'll allay a lot of your fears.

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