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Hi everyone!

I am looking into Ohio University's online RN-BSN program. :typing

Is anyone currently working on this, or finished it?

How intense is it?

I just graduated with my associates in December and will be starting a new job in a few weeks. I'll be working in corrections through a staffing agency.

Should I wait a while, months or years, before going back to school? (I don't have any kids.)

Thanks for any advice and sharing your experiences.


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I just had a friend complete the Ohio BSN program. There was not a lot of class time, most of the courses are online or later in the day. I have also heard of some people taking courses at Hocking (eg. statistics) because the courses are cheaper and they will transfer to O.U.

Good Luck.


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I am also looking at OU's RN-BSN program online. There are other schools that offer this option also (University of Cincinnatti, WVUP are a couple of the others I have been looking at). One of the reasons I am looking at a few schools, is because I eventually want to get my Master's in Nursing Education, which is offered online at the other two schools, but not through OU. I should take statistics next quarter at the school I am currently attending, but I don't know if I want to or not. I will graduate in June with my ADN, and I am currently an LPN. Good luck to you!! :nurse:

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