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Has anyone noticed that Blackcat's response in the "Leathal Injection" thread was quoted in the march issue of AJN and referred to as "a violation of nursing ethics not obvious to all nurses." I see the thread was locked. When I read the thread, I saw the remark as Blackcat's way of blowing off steam. Corrections is a terrible/ challengeing environment to try to practice nursing. I have recognized that in the diverse ares of nursing, there comes a certain kind of humor. Most meant for certain ears only and not meant to offend. I'm not speaking for anyone, but i was sorry to see that quoted in that way in AJN.:smiley_ab

Just some thoughts

gwenith, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

The trouble is that this site is linked to Google - every time you post a thread a Google "spider" comes and links it into the web. This is so the site can be found by people looking for us and it is a way for the information here to get out to everyone. The downside is that it is a way for the information here to get out to everyone. If you were looking for an adverse comment to back up an ascertion that nurses were lets say "horrible harpies" THIS site would come up most on your search then it is simply a matter of cherry picking a comment that you felt justified what you said.

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