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Hi all and Happy New Year!

I have completed my first semester of nursing school and so on to OB?Peds and then Med-Surg!

Any suggestions for supplemental study guides, as I have been told

the Straight A series, Hogan's Reviews and Rationales, the OB Peds Women's Health Pocket Notes, Maternal_neonatal Facts Made Incredibly Quick~

I can't afford them all, so was wondering if anyone had any input on a preferred series and what would be the most beneficial!



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Hi Bec717 :)

You can use this search engine: http://books.google.com This is a wonderful resource. Simply type in the name of the nursing study guide in the search feature. On many resources, it gives detailed excerpts - more than you'll need to know if the book will be helpful or not.

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If you add the list of textbooks you are required to have that might help someone familiar with them suggest which study guide was helpful. I'd definitely want to pick one that goes with your particular text books.


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The textbooks are:

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and management of Clinical Problems 7th edition with Study Guide

by Lewis, Heitkemper, Dirksen, O'Brien & Bucher


Maternal-Child Nursing 2nd Edition with Study Guide

by McKinney, James, Murray & Ashwill

I was just wondering if anyone had used the Hogan Reviews and Rationales or the Incredibly Easy Series, or others and had any thoughts on which supplemental books they preferred and why?

I know someone suggested that whichever book is chosen to be sure the rationales are included so that you understand why the correct answer is preferred over the other answer choices~


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