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I'm out of school and work for three weeks and of course am recovering from my surgery but spending lots of time online and watching tv.

I'm now letting myself get sucked into brain rotters - UGH! Watched the gilligans island finale and am mad as heck about that...LOL

Now watching Fear Factor. I can dig it as long as they aren't eating anything gross LOL!

What are you doing to rot your brain during time off?

On a side note, Hubby and I walked a mile tonight in the cold! smile.gifsmile.gif

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I am rotting my brain by watching mindless tv. I hate when I do that.

But, I put plastic on every single window in my house today, temp will be minus 16 tonight, with colder on the way. I feel so proud of myself.

I cooked chicken fried rice, that is always an accomplishment for me.

I have been trying to avoid doing my american lit book. It is the most boring and long book I ever saw, 3000 pages. History and litature. I didn't know it could be so mind boggling.

Gained one piece of insight from my studies, it was from Ben Franklin, he wrote slough brings no comfort - that is why I covered all my windows today. I suspect he is correct.


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getting my house back in order. :rotfl:

We've watched a few movies, but I normally fall asleep the second I hit the couch.

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