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OSU OKC Spring 21


Applied for traditional path nursing program for Spring '21. Has anyone heard back yet? Does anybody know the cut-off for admission points? 

Yea I applied and I haven’t heard back. I called last week to ask about the cut off points but she replied that she doesn’t know yet like they haven’t decide yet.  Am super nervous 😅

Curious to know how many applicants for this cycle. Read on here there were over 400 for Fall 2020! HESI was waived so maybe that is why the numbers were so big. Noticed previous cut-off points were 82 but did see someone with 76 pts was accepted into this last cycle. Wish I understood more about how selections are going to be made. Nervous too! 

Hey there! I have applied and they said we will find out mid October but I haven’t heard anything else 😬 

Just received an email saying letters will go out the week of Oct 12. Feel good about my HESI scores and GPA but worried total points may be too low. Still need micro and physio pts but they can supposedly be taken as co-reqs. Does everybody here have all their science courses already? 


I have taken all my classes but I’m worried my overall points are not enough due to my HESI score. Was that email to your personal? Because I didn’t receive anything. Also a friend of mine still got in and she didn’t have one of her science courses completed I think it was anatomy. 

That's encouraging about your friend! Do you know what her points were? It was a personal email response, I had asked when we could expect to hear something. (you didn't miss anything!) 

Oh awesome, thanks!
And she had 82 points. 

Yeah, am taking my last science course this semester which is Microbiology. Is anyone here that applied with 80 point or higher  

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I have less than 80 pts. max GPA & mid 90s on the HESI. What about everybody else? 

Applied with 95point

Oh wow! You're in a really strong place, congrats!

Oh wow! And I applied with 81 points 


*** did not realize someone already said “oh wow” 😂 

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Ha! It's impressive, deserving of 2 "oh wows". 


Hopefully some more applicants will jump on here and share info. Very interested in knowing number of applicants and various stats. 

LOL.. y’all making feel good with all these comments  😫🤣

Both of you seem really well positioned to get accepted! I'm definitely concerned about my total pts. 

Don’t let that discourage you! I have heard others getting in as low as 76.

Thanks! Hopefully it's not just strictly points based and the other stats are taken into consideration and given some weight. Fingers crossed!