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osu-okc spring 18

by Kenot Kenot Member

I just applied to the osu-okc nursing program and the occc nursing program! I am applying with 80 points at osu-okc and 15 at occc. Just wondering if anyone else is applying!

I applied with 71 points! I doubt I will get in this semester but I figured I should apply anyway. I will have all my prereqs done at the end of this year. I made a 77.3 on the TEAS test, which I'm fuming about. Only needed 0.7 points to be in the next point bracket ):

Would you prefer to get into one over the other? I'm just curious.

I applied with 87 so I am crossing my fingers I get in. I heard last semester the cut off was 78 or something like that. I called and they are sending letters out the middle of October. The anticipation is killing me! Good luck to everyone that applied!

Only two more weeks then!!

I applied with a 90 and really anxious to hear back from them. I emailed yesterday and she said letters will likely go out end of next week.. so 19th or 20th I'm guessing? I feel like I'm being tortured! Lol I just want to know.

I called the other day and they said points are between 82 and 110

I emailed Gaytra and she said letters will be sent out either today or tomorrow. I really hope it's today but I will put my money on tomorrow. So hopefully by mid of next week some of us should have heard something. Someone said the range for acceptance is 82 to 110. I really hope that was accurate.

That's what the woman who answered the phone said. I guess we will find out!

They told you the point range over the phone? Then you should know if you got in - in my opinion that is very unprofessional of them. So i guess anyone with less than 82 is a no go.

Has anyone else got their letter yet?? I'm hoping I get mine Monday.

I got mine today!! I got accepted!

Congrats! Maybe theres hope for me! Haha

Congrats!! How many points did you apply with if you don't mind me asking

I applied with 87

I got mine today!! I got accepted!

I got accepted too, see you at orientation!! I'm just having a hard time setting up this email and getting it to work!