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Orthopedics or Neuroscience?


First post on this site, so I hope I put this in the proper place. I just graduated and was offered a new graduate position in a large metropolitan hospital on either the orthopedic or neuroscience unit. (Both of these units in this hospital fall under med-surg). also the neuroscience unit has a step-down unit that I will work on after a few months.

I'm not opposed to doing med-surg as a new nurse, partly because I don't know where I want to specialize. I definitely have an interest in critical care nursing and did my senior practicum in a PICU.

What are your general opinions on these units and which one provides a good foundation for someone who is interested in every part of nursing?


Lev, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency - CEN. Has 7 years experience.

If you have an interest in critical care nursing, take the neuroscience job that gives you the opportunity to work with step down patients.