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  1. by   P_RN
    Gosh I didn't realize we'd had so many posts since I was here. I had to get TWO new hard disks and I didn't make an allnurses mail outlet!

    Never Demerol?
    One: it doesn't work on bone pain.
    Two: The metabolites of Meperidine/Pethidine (norperidine) are really BAD. They build up rapidly and can lead to seizures. Most hospitals I know of are refusing to allow Demerol in PCA's anymore. I know the sickle-cell doctors are changing over to Dilaudid etc. I've had a couple of patients who seized and one who stroked during an event.

    Demerol=Bad bad bad.
  2. by   armyrn
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Curious here, too. Why not?
    IMO, because morphine is better.

    fentanyl is better still, but watch your patient.

    if you want a crash-course in understanding ortho, trek down to your local OR and see what we actually do to these patients. pain management will take on a whole new dimension for you, at the very least.