Pt Teaching: Using Crutches Properly

  1. Working in a phys office, we see pts FU from ACL recon, fx, bunionectomy, etc. that req the aid of crutches. I am concerned at the lack of pt teaching or perhaps pt non-compliance, (or both), on the use of crutches.

    Pts come in, bearing all weight on their axilla, or walking their crutches etc. As well, I see elderly pts PO DHS having diff with walkers. I have seen some hobbling along actually carrying their FWW. I know the responsiblity of equipment teaching falls on various Hospital staff, Medical Supply stores and clinic staff. But where is the gap between these, that I am seeing so many with a lack in the much needed pt teaching of the use of these aids?

    I have found one pt teaching brochure on crutches. It had more cheezy cartoons than actual instruction. If anyone has some suggestions or ways that you have found positive results in pt understanding and compliance, please offer them.

    Much appreciation~ Jodie
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