neurovascular assessment

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    i am currently working at king fiasal specialist hospital in Riyadh, saudi arabia in orthopaedics. Since they have no neurovascular assessment tool in use i offered to research the use and advantages of neurovascular assessment tools, so far have had no luck on the internet. I am limited to using the internet as the supply of nursing literature within the library is limited. I would be very greatful if anyone has any article that could be emailed to me or links to sites or even working assessment tools.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Hi, I haven't been ignoring you . I thought it would be easy to find something and send it to you. Not so I fear.

    What we had was pretty archaic.

    Across the top were boxes for the date and time. Above that would be the limb eg: LLE etc

    Down the side were boxes where you would write in the nerves.

    Eg: radial______|______|_______|
    ulnar _____|______|_______|

    there would be a place for color and one for sensation.

    At the bottom was an explanation.
    I= Impaired

    Forgive me, but it has been two YEARS since Ive done one of these. I fear I have left something out. I'll look among my stuff and see if I can find anything better.