Femur Fracture inches above knee

  1. Hi, Mi Hubby fractured his femur a few inches above knee. It was not a clean fracture, it had shatter. A plack of sorts was used by surgeon to piece his femur back togehter. Now he is about 10 days out of surgery. He is a 34 year old Diabetic.

    He complains of severe pain at night which prevents him from sleeping (and me ) despite taking percocet. He also has muscle spasms/cramps throughout the leg sometimes calf other times thigh.

    a) What can I do/ recommend his Dr. to give him to help (Dr. has not been overly open and helpful since the operation, I have not even met him nor he has responded to my inquiries and messages. First out of hospital visit is still some time away--thus your assistance in answering my questions is greatly welcome )

    He was sent home w/o any care sheet for his wound or idea of what materials to get. I have been using saline, benzodine to clean wound and gauze (non stick). Leg still very swollen, skin very tight and stretched. Surgical tape sticks and peels skin.

    b) Any recommendations as to best care for incision (from knee to upper thigh)? Frequency of clenaing?

    He also has a gash?? 3 inches x 1 inch section on back of his leg that does not have skin and does not seem to heal. I use saline, benzodine and neosporing and over w/ non stick gauze. Because he is in a soft cast and weight is constantly over wound, it does not seem to heal.

    c) Should I be doing something else for the wound to help promote skin production?

    d) How long does it take to remove staples? and once staples are removed, what is the best way to care for wound and help healing?

    e) read about heat lamps helping with recovery. Any thoughts?

    f) My hubby complains of knee pain and inability to bend it (when out of cast for cleaning of wounds)? should we be concerned? is it normal?

    We brought back w/ us a compression stocking given to him for his good leg at the hospital

    g) would it be beneficial to use a compression stocking on his injured leg(keep bandages in place (they slip when gauzed inside soft cast, reduce swelling, circulation)?

    i) is it good to aerate the wounds daily? let skin breath for a while w/o chemicals, gauzes etc.

    Thank you for your input and time. I know I have many questions but your answeres are really needed and appreciated. I want the best care for my hubby and his injury and for that I need to be armed with knowledge.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and am so sorry about your husband's injury. However, we can't provide medical advice. I would however, advise you to call the MD's office, talk with his nurse and let her know your concerns. It is not right that your husband languishes in pain. That is not acceptable.

    I would also give them a deadline to call you back - say two hours. Then, call again. You must be persistent.

    Good luck and take care.