I love bones, muscles, and joints!

  1. Well, I've switched jobs once again. I managed to stay with Occupational Medicine for 3 years, but found that over time I wanted more hands on with patients.

    I stayed with the same employer, but switched specialities to Orthopedics. Let me just say: I love it!

    There were many great things about Occ Med; (health fairs, flu clinics being my favorite part of the job) but most of the job involves paperwork and dealing with patient worry and anger in regard to their work related injuries.

    But the new job.... it's in a clinic... I do lot's of post-op staple and suture removal, pre-op informing, casting, splinting, dressing changes, etc.

    And I love it! I'm and LPN and cast tech... I'm just finishing a 5 week training time in our clinic's cast room... I have become quite good at short arm and thumb spica casts and splints, short leg casts and the like, but haven't done the specialty stuff yet like the munster cast...

    I'd have to say the hardest thing is the CTS and other hand surgery related stitch removals. Some of the surgeons use the TIGHTEST stitching technique... It is almost impossible to get under the stitch with scissors (even the smallest surgical ones). I've started using an 11 blade which works better, but sometimes patients are so sensitive that it's extremely difficult.

    I'm certain that over time I will become quite proficient and knowledgeable in this new field. I hope to be able to go to conventions (because that's my love in life; travel, even if it's across town) and gain knowledge, confidence, and skill, benifiting me, my employer, and my patients!

    Anyway, I'm loving it, and just wanted to tell the nursing world...

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  3. by   jahra
    Best wishes to you Blue! Sounds like this is an interesting
    job to grow in. I joined NAON a while back and I love the
    Journal and all the updates. They have an upcoming Congress
    in Baltimore,MD . The info is on their website---

  4. by   blueberrybon
    Thanks for the link... I did suscribe to Orthopaedic Nursing magazine... interesting....

    Yes, I'll take advantage everywhere I can... I love consistently learning new things...
  5. by   lovelyb26
    Thank you SOOO much Ms. Blue for your post. I know this has been months ago but how is your new position going?! I say thank you because for this past couple of months I have been wondering what am I going to do with my life. I graduate next August with a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science(BONES MUSCLES, AND JOINTS, lol). I've always had a interest in nursing but never got around to applying to nursing school. After reading your post I realize I can bring my Kinesiology degree and nursing degree together to do ortho nursing. I'm so excited. Now only if I could find a great nursing program that starts in August and not May. .....
  6. by   blueberrybon
    Hi Lovely...

    I don't check this site very often... sorry....

    Well I'm still loving it... I'm working 4 10's now which is tiring but worth it. Yes, it's going well... I'm much more comfortable now that I've settled into the job. My casting is getting better all the time, and confidence is key. I hope you have figure out what you're doing. It's pretty exciting when you're planning your carreer, isn't it? Good luck to you!