?? about young child with scoliosis & Rhetts Syndrome having surgery????

  1. Have a student that we tend to daily that has Rhetts Syndrome and also has scoliosis and will be having surgery around December. Her doctor told parents that he's putting in one or so screws (not a rod). He says she'll be home in 3-4 days and back to school in 3-4 weeks WITHOUT a brace or a cast. This sounds a little tame to me for the surgery that she's having. When the mom asked about how careful to be when handling her the Dr. said "when I'm finished you could drop her on the floor and everything will stay in place and be fine". Will she really be able to be handled without so much delicate care. My sister had the rod inserted many years ago and a full cast from chest to crotch. it was not simple to care for her. Just wondering. God Bless.
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  3. by   kids
    I might be inclined to believe the Doc. When I was in school we did clinicals at Shriners and the Herington rod placements were a nightmare...body casts and log rolling for weeks.

    I recently had a girl with CP go in for rods...was out in 6 days, no casts and up as tolerated (which translated to OOB and in her WC or recliner 12 hours a day).

    Things have come a long ways in just 12-15 years.

    Rhetts is a heart breaker...I have a 14 yo on my caseload-very advanced...tube fed, sx, contracted from neck to toes, minimal cognitive function...it is so sad to see the pics of her as a "normal" 3yo.
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    Thanks for the info. Children with Rhetts are so special. Our little student is so happy and sweet.