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hi guys, i need your opinion please!

I'm graduating June 2004 and was offered a job in ortho by no. 1 ortho and rheumatology hospital here in northeast and also a PICU job by a a top pediatric teaching hospital. I'm confused which one to take as a newbie in the field because i love working in ortho but at the same time, i also love working with sick children. I have three months to decide and i hope i will be able to choose the right vocation for me.

In your opinion , what should i do? thanks a lot :)


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Ok, so I am biased on this question because I am a new RN in Ortho, but I would chose Ortho. I think as a new grad/RN your assessment skills are nowhere near where they should be for working in a PICU or other ICU setting. You have to really watch for subtle changes in a patients condition, that as a new nurse you may miss. The only way I would chose the PICU would be if they are willing to extensively train you and give you adequate time with a preceptor. Ask the staff or the NM in the PICU what kind of orientation and expectations they have for new grads. I know at my hospital (Level 1 Trauma) in a large metro area they hire new grads into the ICU's, but have them work on a med/surg floor for six months after graduation to get used to being a RN. Ultimately, you have to go where you will be happy. I LOVE ORTHO and think it is a great place to start! Best wishes in whatever path you chose.

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